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We all face challenges and stresses that take significant emotional resources and effort to navigate effectively. Often, we are able to cope with our difficulties on our own or with the help of friends or family. Sometimes, however, we face challenges that feel overwhelming and beyond our capacity to manage by ourselves or even with the support of loved ones. At these times a psychotherapist can help in a unique way.

Psychotherapy can help us to identify personal tendencies and patterns, and thereby understand how we unwittingly perpetuate certain problems in spite of ourselves. Even the most self aware of us can at times in our lives feel unsatisfied or stuck because there are feelings, ideas, and expectations that we maintain of which we are not fully aware. With the guidance and support of a therapist, we can begin to uncover and understand these parts of ourselves that are outside of our natural awareness, and learn how take an active role in developing new and more satisfying ways of navigating our world and our internal experiences.

The main goal of psychotherapy is to help you become the author of your own life rather than remain stuck in patterns that inhibit and stifle growth. To this end, much of our work together would be aimed at identifying themes in your experience, feelings, and behavior, some of which you are already aware and some of which you may not be. We will work towards change not only in your intellectual understanding and behavior, but deeper change in how you experience yourself, both internally and in relation to others. Together we will help you to overcome internal impasses or feelings of "stuckness," alleviate unnecessary suffering, and improve the quality of your relationships.

My personal style is warm and nonjudgmental. I see my role of therapist as one of both partner and guide in a process that can be both challenging and tremendously rewarding. I look forward to the opportunity to play a role in your personal growth and would be happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have about beginning therapy.

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